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Integrated Facilities Management

Integration Facilities Management

As a leading provider in Integrated Facilities Management, we seamlessly integrate and manage organisation-wide systems, processes, specialists and service providers, together with our technology-focused platform.
To make every penny well spent, we provide the most value-for-money service with our rich experience and strong technical knowledge. Our approach also aims in managing the environment in the most a sustainable manner with the aid of our most current technology implementation and innovation.
We equip our maintenance crew with the most reliable tools and machinery to ensure that tasks are optimally performed. Our maintenance crew is well-trained and kept up-to-date, with the latest maintenance practices and techniques.
They are also educated to competently apply various technologies in they day-to-day tasks. Our maintenance team assures the optimal function of building facilities, paying full emphasis in ensuring human comfort, energy-savings, safety and well-being of the environment.

Integration & Management of Key Services

Hard Services

ACMV Systems

BMS, chillers, cooling towers, chilled water system, DX system

Fire Protection Systems

Fire alarm system, suppression system, monitoring and detection systems, hydrant and risers

Security Systems

Card access, card coding, CCTV, intruder detection, turnstile system

Lift Systems

Passenger lifts, dumbwaiters, escalators

Mechanical Systems

Auto doors, roller shutters, pumps, pressure vessels, water tanks

Electrical Systems

HV, LV, shutdown servicing, generators, thermal scanning, DGA

Carpark Management systems

Building Maintenance

General repairs and handyman services, painting, patching-up and reinstatement

Plumbing & Sanitary

General repairs and handyman services, leak detection and arrest, replacement of sanitary-ware and sensors, clearing of chokes
Soft Services

Cleaning Services

Security Services

Pest Control Services

Horticulture Services

Waste Management Services

Event Management

Round-the-clock Help Desk and Emergency Response

Concierge Services

Tenancy Management

Why Kim Yew?

We provide the most value-for-money service with our rich experience and strong technical knowledge. We aim to manage the environment in the most sustainable manner with integration of our technology and innovation so we can all work smarter together.

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